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February 2018 Archives

Street sweeper injures 2 during recent construction accident

For construction workers in Colorado who perform job-related tasks on the side of the road, the danger of an accident is ever-present. All it takes is one moment of inattention on the part of a driver, and the health and safety of a worker could be placed in jeopardy. Two men were hospitalized in a recent construction accident when they were thrown into a trench after the driver of a street sweeper failed to notice a nearby hose.

3 injured in construction accident after scaffolding collapses

For individuals in Colorado and across the nation who operate in the construction industry, using scaffolding to work at heights might be an everyday occurrence. While these mechanisms make certain duties significantly less difficult to perform, should a malfunction occur, the health of workers can be placed at significant risk. Three individuals have suffered injuries in a construction accident that took place under similar circumstances in another state.

Reducing occupational injuries with the use of technology

Work-related incidents are far too common and run the risk of causing serious harm to the health of employees. While companies in Colorado and across the nation strive to reduce the risk of occupational injuries, they may be uncertain how best to achieve this goal. According to recent studies, improvements to surveillance and data collection technology in the workplace could be the key to improving employee safety.

Reducing the odds of occupational injuries in hazardous fields

While workers in every profession may face some level of risk in the workplace, certain fields of profession are inherently more dangerous than others. Companies in Colorado and elsewhere that hire individuals to work in factories and warehouses may develop stringent safety procedures and require workers to wear the necessary gear at all times. However, with the presence of heavy machinery and the potential risks of fires and explosions, occupational injuries may remain a constant threat.

Man dies after being struck by beam in a construction accident

Many construction companies in Colorado and elsewhere place a high priority on maintaining a safe environment for workers to operate in. Companies may also provide safety training and equipment for employees in an effort to reduce the odds that an accident will occur. Unfortunately, preventing every construction accident could prove a difficult task, and those involving heavy falling objects can be devastating.

Methods to apply for Social Security disability in Colorado

When a person in Colorado or elsewhere becomes unable to maintain employment due to a disability, he or she may be uncertain where to turn for help. Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance can be a complex process, and it can take months to receive a determination. Individuals who are seeking disability benefits may also find it advisable to consider the methods used during the application process, as the easiest method might not always prove to be the best.