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Construction accident involving 9 story fall claims worker’s life

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2018 | Construction Workers' Accidents, Firm News

For those who work for construction companies in Colorado and elsewhere, working at heights may be an everyday requirement. However, even by strictly adhering to safety procedures and wearing the proper gear, an individual could be at risk while performing similar duties. A 27-year-old man in another state suffered fatal injuries in a recent construction accident in which he reportedly fell from the ninth floor of a building.

According to reports, the incident took place on a recent Saturday as the man was installing rebar on the ninth floor of a building that was under construction. For reasons unknown, the man suddenly fell and suffered fatal injuries in the process. Although the exact cause of the incident remains unknown, a state investigation has reportedly been initiated in relation to allegations that issues with certain safety measures may have contributed to the incident.

Upon obtaining photos and evidence of the incident, the man’s father claims he might have fallen through faulty safety barriers in an elevator shaft. He asserts the floor wasn’t shored properly, and that upon stepping on a piece of plywood, the man fell right through it and tumbled down the shaft. Falls from heights can be some of the most devastating incidents, and when the proper precautions are not taken, the result can be catastrophic.

Losing someone close in a construction accident that occurs under similar circumstances can be a difficult thing to accept. Those who experience a similar situation could be entitled to restitution, but the process can be complex, potentially prompting a need to seek guidance from an attorney. An attorney in Colorado can assist a client in pursuing the full amount of compensation entitled through the necessary channels.

Source: komonews.com, “State investigates construction worker’s deadly fall in Seattle“, Joel Moreno, Jan. 3, 2018

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