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Man dies in construction accident involving fall from overpass

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2017 | Construction Workers' Accidents, Firm News

Construction workers in Colorado and across the country may face a variety of hazards while on a job site, especially those who operate above the ground. Falls from heights are a major concern among individuals in numerous professions, as even a fall from a shorter distance can end in catastrophe. A worker has died following a recent construction accident in which he reportedly fell about 30 feet while working on a bridge in another state.

The man was reportedly a senior bridge inspector who was working at a job site located on an overpass when, for reasons unspecified, he suddenly fell over the side. He suffered severe injuries. Upon arriving at the scene, emergency responders placed him on a stretcher and rushed him to a medical facility, but he was pronounced dead soon thereafter.

This was the second fatal accident involving a fall from a bridge within the past week in the area. Even with the increases to safety protocols and equipment in the field of construction, similar accidents continue to occur, many of which leave surviving loved ones to mourn an untimely death. According to reports, the man who died in this particular incident leaves behind a wife and a daughter.

Along with the emotional pain of losing a loved one in a fatal construction accident, family members may also face financial hardships that could prompt a need for relief. When facing a similar situation, surviving family members could be entitled to benefits through the workers’ compensation insurance system. Since the process can be complex, a family in Colorado could speak with an attorney for assistance in pursuing the full amount of compensation to which they’re entitled through every applicable outlet.

Source: local10.com, “Construction worker dies after falling off Palmetto Expressway“, Peter Burke, Oct. 20, 2017

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