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Pursuing financial relief though workers’ compensation insurance

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2017 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation

Countless individuals in Colorado and across the country have suffered serious injuries while on the job, many of which can be challenging to overcome. Along with a great deal of pain and suffering, occupational injuries may create various financial hardships as well. Those who experience similar struggles may often need financial relief, but they might be uncertain about the available benefits, such as workers’ compensation.

The law generally requires a company to carry workers’ compensation insurance to provide for individuals who are injured in a work-related accident. However, there may be certain limitations concerning coverage. For example, an employee may be denied compensation should the injuries be self-inflicted, or if his or her actions were in violation of certain policies or laws.

For those who are injured on the job, this type of insurance can offer a wide range of benefits. Coverage could include restitution for loss of wages, assistance with medical expenses and care and even compensation for any potential long-term or permanent damages. In the event that the injured party dies, his or her surviving family members may also benefit from this system.

Those who find themselves in need of financial relief in relation to work-related injuries may often choose to pursue financial assistance through the workers’ compensation insurance system. Since the process can be complex, and various issues may arise in its navigation, many individuals find it beneficial to retain the services of an attorney for assistance. An attorney in Colorado can evaluate the incident, along with the client’s injuries and financial concerns, and assist in pursuing compensation through all applicable sources, including workers’ compensation insurance.

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