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Construction accident claims life after roof truss collapses

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2017 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries

The loss of a loved one in a fatal accident is something that no family should have to bear. Unfortunately, many families in Colorado and elsewhere have been forced to experience such a tragedy following a dangerous workplace accident. A man died following a recent construction accident in another state after a roof truss reportedly collapsed.

The accident reportedly took place just before noon on a recent Tuesday, when a man who was working at the construction site was suddenly struck by a beam. Although emergency responders were called out, the man was unfortunately pronounced dead on the scene. According to initial investigations, a collapse in the roof truss at the location was a contributing factor in the accident.

Further investigation will likely attempt to determine what may have caused the collapse. Construction companies often place a great deal of importance on safety, and carefully evaluate potential risks before beginning work at a new job site. Unfortunately, not every hazard it located, and should an accident prove fatal, surviving family members are often left to grieve an untimely loss.

Along with the emotional stress of dealing with the death of a loved one, families may also experience financial challenges that often accompany a loss of income and end-of-life expenses. When losing someone close in a fatal construction accident, families could be entitled to compensation, but they may need guidance moving forward. By speaking with an attorney, a client in Colorado can obtain advice on the available options for financial relief, as well as assistance in navigating the process.

Source: toledoblade.com, “Worker killed at construction site in Weston“, July 18, 2017

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