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July 2017 Archives

Construction accident claims life after roof truss collapses

The loss of a loved one in a fatal accident is something that no family should have to bear. Unfortunately, many families in Colorado and elsewhere have been forced to experience such a tragedy following a dangerous workplace accident. A man died following a recent construction accident in another state after a roof truss reportedly collapsed.

Man crushed by rock and building in fatal construction accident

A man has reportedly passed away at the construction site of a library that is undergoing renovation in another state. Construction workers in Colorado and elsewhere who operate on similar projects often face numerous hazards on the job, especially in the presence of heavy materials and machinery. Losing a loved one in a fatal construction accident is something no family should have to face, but unfortunately, many individuals have been left to grieve under similar circumstances throughout the years.

Training and focus may help reduce risk of occupational injuries

Companies in Colorado and various parts of the United States are constantly reviewing and revising safety procedures in an attempt to reduce the risks of workplace accidents. Occupational injuries are a serious concern for companies and employees alike. According to recent studies, the risk of accidents at work might be lessened by increasing awareness and focus, especially when performing manual labor.

Pursuing financial relief though workers' compensation insurance

Countless individuals in Colorado and across the country have suffered serious injuries while on the job, many of which can be challenging to overcome. Along with a great deal of pain and suffering, occupational injuries may create various financial hardships as well. Those who experience similar struggles may often need financial relief, but they might be uncertain about the available benefits, such as workers' compensation.

1 pinned under collapsed wall in recent construction accident

Construction companies in Colorado and across the country operate under a long list of regulations. Any violation can lead to disastrous consequences. These statutes are in place to increase worker safety and reduce the chances of a dangerous workplace incident. An investigation is currently underway to determine if there were any violations in relation to a recent construction accident in which a man became pinned under a collapsed wall.

Explosion leads to severe and fatal occupational injuries

Accidents in the workplace can have disastrous consequences for those involved, potentially leading to life-altering injuries, or worse. Individuals in Colorado who suffer occupational injuries often experience difficulty performing a variety of daily tasks, such as work or hobbies. With the potential loss of income involved, even if only a temporary situation, victims of a similar circumstance may often find themselves in need of financial assistance throughout recovery.