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1 injured, 1 dead after fall-related construction accident

On Behalf of | May 13, 2017 | Construction Workers' Accidents, Firm News

With the ever-increasing number of buildings in many cities in Colorado and across the country, the amount of space to place others may be limited. Since space can be an issue, companies may choose to go higher instead of longer. Although advancements in structural integrity might make these building safe, the individuals who erect them are often required to operate at great heights in the process. A recent construction accident left one worker with serious injuries, while another lost his life, after a three-story fall.

According to reports, the men were operating out of a third-story window at the construction site of an apartment complex. A lift was apparently hoisting a crate up to the window, where the men were unloading materials. At some point, the men were outside the window working from the crate when it suddenly fell, pulling them to the ground with it. One man survived the fall but was injured in the process, while the other was pronounced dead on-site.

Officials have advised that it is unclear if the men were wearing harnesses at the time. An investigation into the incident is underway, which will likely include inspection of the lift to determine what may have caused the crate to come loose. Although safety is a major concern for companies across the country, falls continue to be a prevalent cause of injury and/or death in many accidents of this nature.

Fallout from a construction accident has led to severe physical and emotional challenges, as well as subsequent financial struggles, for a multitude of individuals over the years. Victims, including surviving family members of deceased victims, who experience such a stressful event often seek relief through the workers’ compensation insurance system. An attorney in Colorado can help a client pursue the full amount of compensation available.

Source: jacksonville.com, “Jacksonville police: 1 dead, 1 hospitalized after industrial fall at construction site“, Garrett Pelican, May 11, 2017

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