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Firefighter suffers severe workplace injury in explosion

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2017 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries

Firefighters across the country are often required to work in and around hazardous environments on a daily basis. A firefighter in Colorado is put through extensive training before entering the field in order to prepare for any possible risks. Unfortunately, though, accidents do occur. A recent job-related accident involving an explosion has caused a man in another state to suffer a severe workplace injury.

According to an investigation into the event the 21-year-old man was using a chop saw to open a waste oil tank. Reportedly, sparks from the saw caused the vapors from the tank to ignite, causing a subsequent explosion and fire. The man suffered first and second-degree burns during the incident, covering up to 80 percent of his body. He was taken to a local hospital for evaluation before being flown to another medical center for treatment.

There has been no indication of his current condition, but fire department officials have advised that he has a long and hard recovery ahead. Similar injuries can have a major impact on a person’s future, often leading to various hardships that are challenging to overcome. Individuals who are in a similar situation are typically forced to take an extended leave from work, which can lead to financial struggles when coupled with high medical costs that are often included.

When a person suffers a severe workplace injury, he or she may soon be in need of financial assistance for the road ahead. When facing a similar circumstance, many individuals in Colorado seek relief through the workers’ compensation insurance system. This process can be challenging to navigate alone, prompting many to speak with an experienced attorney for assistance throughout this difficult period.

Source: wboc.com, “Updated: Man Burned in Workplace Explosion ID’d as Lewes Firefighter“, March 29, 2017

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