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April 2017 Archives

Demolition project employee suffers fatal workplace injury

Certain professions are inherently considered to be much more dangerous than others. Individuals in Colorado who work in fields such as demolition are often subjected to intense safety training to reduce the chance of a dangerous incident. Unfortunately, preventing every accident in the workplace can be challenging. A man in another state recently suffered a fatal workplace injury while operating at a demolition site.

Guidance for individuals in need of Social Security Disability

Countless individuals across the country have suffered serious injuries that make it difficult to perform everyday tasks. Many of these individuals may find themselves temporarily or permanently unable to work, which can lead to periods of significant financial struggle. A person in Colorado who is facing a similar situation may wish to file for Social Security Disability, but he or she may be uncertain of how to proceed.

Man listed in critical condition following construction accident

Many construction companies across the country frequently use heavy machinery for assistance in performing numerous tasks. Machines such as a boom lift make it easier for workers in Colorado to perform tasks at various heights. However, these machines do involve a certain level of risk, often depending on the maintenance of the machine and the stability of the surrounding area. A recent construction accident involving a lift left a man in another state in critical condition.

Crane accidents often involve serious injury, or worse

Construction companies are often required to use cranes to transport materials around a job site. While there are numerous benefits to using one, there may also be a certain level of risk involved. Many individuals in Colorado have been involved in crane accidents over the years, which often lead to serious injury, or worse. A man in another state has died following a recent accident under similar circumstances.

Engineer suffers fatal workplace injury in boiler explosion

Working in close proximity to high pressure industrial machinery naturally involves a certain level of risk. Companies in Colorado and across the country are often required to have employees that are trained in the operation of similar machines nearby while they are in use. However, even with a worker present, an accident can still take place, which may result in a serious workplace injury.

Firefighter suffers severe workplace injury in explosion

Firefighters across the country are often required to work in and around hazardous environments on a daily basis. A firefighter in Colorado is put through extensive training before entering the field in order to prepare for any possible risks. Unfortunately, though, accidents do occur. A recent job-related accident involving an explosion has caused a man in another state to suffer a severe workplace injury.