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Man suffers fatal workplace injury after ground collapses

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2017 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries

Construction workers often face many dangers out in the field. Before construction begins in Colorado, areas are evaluated in order to uncover and resolve any potential hazards. Unfortunately in some cases, not every safety risk is identified in the process. Unidentified risks are often the cause of many job-related accidents, some of which result in serious injury, or worse. A man in another state recently suffered a fatal workplace injury while on the construction site of a new home.

The man was working at the construction site when the ground suddenly collapsed. He fell into a 20-foot deep trench and became trapped. A rescue attempt was initiated, but authorities were ultimately unable to reach the man. Fire officials advised that they were also unable to recover his body at the time on account of rain and the instability of the surrounding area.

Specialists arrived on scene shortly after to attempt to secure the area and prevent any further collapse of the ground. So far there has been no indication as to what may have caused the event. An investigation will likely be initiated after authorities are able to recover his body. A tragic accident of this nature can be difficult to accept, often leaving surviving family members to suffer as a result.

Along with the emotional stress involved, burial costs often leave family members to face periods of financial struggle. In the event of a fatal workplace injury, a family may choose to seek relief through the workers’ compensation benefit system. This can be difficult to navigate alone, prompting many families in Colorado to speak with an experienced attorney for assistance in the process.

Source: wjla.com, “Construction worker dies after being trapped in 20-foot deep trench collapse in D.C.“, Stephen Tschida, Feb. 28, 2017

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