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Man suffers fatal workplace injury in operational elevator shaft

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2017 | Firm News, Workplace Accidents

Studies have shown that recent steps taken by companies to reduce injuries in the workplace have had results. Companies in Colorado continue to review safety regulations as they strive to prevent as many of these accidents as possible. The number of incidents has decreased dramatically in many different professions, but they still occur. A man in another state recently suffered a fatal workplace injury while working in an elevator shaft.

Fire officials responded to an emergency call involving people who were stuck in an elevator. The elevator was lodged between the bottom two floors, and the responders were forced to rappel from upper floors to reach them. Three people were rescued in the process, but upon further investigation, a man was found dead in the elevator shaft. He was identified as a contractor who was performing maintenance inside the shaft.

He was alone at the time, and so far there has been no indication of the cause of his death. There was some concern as to why he was working while the elevator was operational. Reportedly, he was responding to a previous request for maintenance placed just one day earlier. Further investigation will attempt to determine how the event may have taken place.

Losing a loved one to a fatal workplace injury can be difficult to accept. End-of-life expenses can be extensive, often resulting in significant financial burdens for a family. When facing this type of situation, family members may seek relief through the workers’ compensation insurance system. Since this can be complex, families in Colorado often turn to an experienced attorney for assistance in navigating the process.

Source: tallahassee.com, “Man killed in elevator shaft at TMH“, Karl Etters, Feb. 17, 2017

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