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February 2017 Archives

Hardships created by a fatal workplace injury in Colorado

Studies suggest that the amount of reported workplace injuries in certain states has slightly increased over the past year. Although companies in Colorado continue to improve safety procedures, accidents may still take place if these are not properly executed. Avoiding all accidents may be challenging, but following protocols may help reduce the risk of a repeat occurrence. Recently, a man suffered a fatal workplace injury at a recycling facility in another state.

Man suffers fatal workplace injury in operational elevator shaft

Studies have shown that recent steps taken by companies to reduce injuries in the workplace have had results. Companies in Colorado continue to review safety regulations as they strive to prevent as many of these accidents as possible. The number of incidents has decreased dramatically in many different professions, but they still occur. A man in another state recently suffered a fatal workplace injury while working in an elevator shaft.

Relief for losses during construction injuries in Colorado

Working in close proximity to large vehicles can be hazardous. Construction companies in Colorado are often required to have indicators in place to inform nearby workers when these vehicles are backing up, but areas of construction are often noisy. With construction injuries involving heavy load-bearing vehicles, the harm to a worker can be extensive. In some cases, they prove to be fatal.

Faulty safeguards may lead to workplace injury in Colorado

Many companies take steps to make the workplace a safer environment. Companies in Colorado are required to perform scheduled maintenance to ensure equipment is working properly, which may go a long way in preventing a workplace injury. If a company fails to maintain equipment resulting in the injury of an employee, it could be facing major penalties. Workers who are injured under similar circumstances often seek aide through the workers' compensation insurance system.