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November 2016 Archives

Box truck causes fatal workplace injury when backing up

Workplaces in Colorado where commercial vehicles move about always pose multiple threats. Employers must train all employees to be vigilant in such areas. Moreover, truck drivers must be properly qualified and be aware of pedestrians. Such alertness might have prevented a fatal workplace injury that recently claimed the life of a man in another state.

Trench collapse causes serious occupational injuries

Trench collapse incidents in Colorado and other states have been a much-discussed subject in recent months. However, despite raised awareness of the importance of safeguarding trenches, collapses continue to occur. Not many victims of these types of accidents survive, and if they do, occupational injuries may be severe. The life of a man in his 50s was recently saved in a marathon rescue effort after he was overwhelmed when the walls of a trench caved in. 

No changes made at company after permanent disability injury

All employees in Colorado and elsewhere who work in industrial facilities are at risk of suffering amputation injuries, regardless of what they manufacture. Those working around machines in the baking industry are as vulnerable as workers who make car parts, and permanent disability is often the result. These life-changing injuries are preventable, but non-compliance with federal safety regulations continue.

Worker succumbs to fatal occupational injuries to his head

Despite the comprehensive list of safety regulations prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, workplace accidents continue to occur on job sites in Colorado and other states. Company owners must follow strict rules related to reporting serious injuries, hospitalizations and fatalities to the federal safety agency. OSHA said it recently learned of the unreported death of a worker who succumbed to fatal occupational injuries.

Falling objects cause death of Colorado trench worker

Construction workers in Colorado face various life-threatening conditions on a daily basis. Falling objects are just some of those hazards that may cause death. A Grand Junction man recently lost his life while working at a construction site not far from Rifle.