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September 2016 Archives

Workplace injury caused by collapse of unprotected trench

Whenever excavation takes place and workers are expected to enter trenches, employers have strict responsibilities to ensure the trenches are properly secured. Walls of excavated areas that are not secured can collapse -- often leading to fatalities or serious workplace injury. An employee of an excavation company was fortunate to survive a recent trench collapse in Colorado Springs.

Workers' compensation: Who is covered, and what is compensable?

Workplace injuries are suffered by Colorado workers every day -- regardless of the industries in which people are employed. While all employees likely know about workers' compensation, there may be many questions about the insurance program. Knowledge about who is eligible to claim benefits and which injuries or illnesses are covered is important. Every injury and its circumstances are unique, and the appropriate person to consult with is an experienced workers' compensation attorney.

Fatal occupational injuries kills 2 Colorado workers in 4 months

Fatal workplace accidents nationwide claimed the lives of 4,386 workers in 2014. These were incidents occurring in the private industry, and 899 of those deaths occurred in the construction industry. Statistics show that the most prominent causes were work-related vehicle accidents, falls and electrocution. These were followed by fatal occupational injuries caused when workers were struck by objects or being crushed between equipment.

Fatal workplace injury claims flagger's life in construction zone

A company that provides flaggers under contract to road construction sites recently reported the death of one of its employees in Colorado. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration that investigators are at the construction zone to determine exactly what caused the fatal workplace injury. The employer said the deceased man had previously left the company but had recently returned to work just a few days before his death.

Workplace injury: Indoor workers can also suffer heat illness

The summer of 2016 will always be remembered for its extreme heat. In fact, an announcement by NASA stated that July's temperatures were higher than any temperatures for any month recorded in history. In times of extreme heat, extra attention must be paid to the health and safety of workers nationwide, including in Colorado. Heat exposure can cause severe workplace injury or illness.