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August 2016 Archives

Fatal workplace injury: Painter falls 50 feet from water tower

One of the most dangerous circumstances that workers in Colorado and other states can be exposed to is working at heights. Employers have a strict responsibility to provide adequate safety training, appropriate personal protective equipment and secure scaffolding structures and elevation equipment. By compliance with prescribed safety regulations, a fatal workplace injury may be prevented.

Fatal workplace injury causes death of worker in trench collapse

Working in trenches is one of the most hazardous situations for employees in Colorado and elsewhere. Every trench is unique and unpredictable, and if proper safety precautions are not taken it can become deadly for workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has very strict regulations related to trenches, including one that requires any trench deeper than 5 feet to be secured in prescribed ways. A trench collapse can cause a fatal workplace injury.

Complaint prompts OSHA inspection to prevent workplace injury

Colorado workers in all industries have the right to safe workplace environments. If an employee of any company feels threatened by the circumstances in which he or she has to work, safety violations may be reported to federal authorities. With so many places to inspect, federal inspectors may not get to some facilities at which workplace injury hazards exist, and reporting it may save lives.

Workplace injury threats identified at auto parts manufacturer

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is concerned about the manner in which some companies and staffing agencies treat temporary workers in Colorado and other states. A facility at which automobile parts are produced was inspected by OSHA and their findings were alarming. OSHA inspectors determined that both temporary and permanent workers were exposed to severe safety hazards that could lead to a workplace injury.