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Wind turbine worker injured on the job when he falls 120 feet

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2016 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries

Colorado employers, just like those in other states, are required to provide the required personal protective equipment (PPE) to employees in all circumstances in which their safety is threatened. Furthermore, it is also the responsibility of business owners to ensure that PPE is inspected at regular intervals for potential malfunctions. Without proper training, even those workers with protection — such as safety harnesses and lanyards to stop falls — can be severely injured on the job.

A 41-year-old worker reportedly fell approximately 120 feet in a recent workplace accident in a neighboring state. An incident report indicates that two men were positioned on an elevated platform, doing maintenance on a wind turbine. The platform unexpectedly dropped for reasons yet to be determined. It is unclear whether the man who fell was wearing fall protection, and if he was, whether it malfunctioned.

The second man’s fall was reportedly arrested by his fall harness, and he was rescued and lowered to ground level. Although no injuries were reported for him, being suspended in a harness for too long can cause serious injuries. The worker who fell apparently landed in a pool of mud, and he was rushed to a hospital. Although he remained conscious, the severity of his injuries was not reported. 

Colorado workers who are injured on the job — regardless of who caused the incident — may pursue financial relief through the state’s workers’ compensation insurance system. The program will cover all the medical expenses related to the workplace injuries. Furthermore, it will also replace a percentage of lost wages in cases in which the victim cannot return to work immediately.

Source: kwch.com, “Man hurt after falling from wind turbine in Pratt still hospitalized“, TJ Rigg, July 3,2016

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