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May 2016 Archives

Workplace injury: Unguarded candy wrapping machine severs finger

Along with all other safety regulations, effective training is vital in any industrial facility in Colorado and elsewhere. This is especially true for companies that use the services of staffing agencies to provide workers. Temporary workers are often placed with different companies for short periods, each with its own safety hazards. For this reason, preparing workers for the dangers they will be facing at each workplace is vital. An untrained candy factory worker suffered a workplace injury in January that severed his finger.

Street sweeper causes fatal workplace injury to 69-year-old

Being involved in any type of road construction work can be life-threatening. Whether workers are building bridges or paving roadways in Colorado or other states, the hazards are plentiful. A worker recently suffered a fatal workplace injury on a road repairs site in another state.

Wood chipper causes fatal workplace injury on worker's first day

Operators of wood chippers or shredders put their lives on the line during every shift they work. Colorado company owners must ensure that only adequately trained workers operate these dangerous machines. A 23-year-old man recently died in another state after suffering a fatal workplace injury while he was operating a wood chipper.

Proper training and PPE may prevent fatal construction injuries

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration had a nationwide safety stand-down recently to underscore the importance of educating employers and their workers about the dangers of working at heights and the falls that can result. Construction injuries caused by falls are reportedly the leading cause of fatalities in this industry. The rebounding economy brings more construction projects and, sadly, more deaths in Colorado and other states.

Anhydrous ammonia release can cause occupational injuries

Workers in a variety of industries in which large refrigeration plants are used are in danger of being exposed to anhydrous ammonia. Severe occupational injuries can be caused by this dangerous chemical as inhalation of can be fatal, and serious burns can result if it touches the skin. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration released its findings after an investigation into the accidental release of 79 pounds of anhydrous ammonia endangered the lives of workers at an out-of-state poultry plant last September.