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January 2016 Archives

Fatal occupational injuries cause death of industrial worker

The number of lives that are lost nationwide, including in Colorado, on industrial sites at which the most basic safety regulations are disregarded is alarming. Workers in industrial environments are regularly exposed to occupational injuries by electrical and mechanical equipment that need repairs, maintenance and cleaning. Every company owner knows that such tasks should never be carried out while machines are active, and there should be lockout/tagout procedures in place to protect workers from exposure to unanticipated activation.

Industrial worker succumbs to occupational injuries

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that the annual number of workplace fatalities nationwide exceeds 4,300. The actual number is said to equate to more than a dozen workers dying every day from occupational injuries or illnesses. Most deaths might have been avoided had safety regulations been complied with by employers in Colorado and other states. OSHA is investigating a tragic incident that claimed the life of a worker in a neighboring state.

Exploding furnace causes workplace injury to 74-year-old worker

Safety hazards exist at every industrial manufacturing facility in Colorado and other states. Every company owner must take all the necessary steps to ensure workplace safety, and also provide safety training to inform workers of potentially hazardous areas of work. Appropriate personal protective equipment must be provided to all workers, regardless of their level of experience. A workplace injury can cause havoc in the lives of workers and their families.

Workplace injury on unguarded laundry machine leads to amputation

Many safety hazards exist in industrial workplace environments across the country and also here in Colorado. Workers are typically exposed to the dangers presented by mechanical and electrical equipment used in manufacturing processes. It is vital for employers to comply with the safety regulations that are prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, failing to do so may lead to a life-changing workplace injury.