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Workplace injury at chemical plant after several prior citations

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2015 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries

Looking at the history related to workers’ safety at a chemical company in Colorado leaves the impression that the owners have little or no concern for the safety of the employees. The company reportedly develops chemicals that are used in the medical field, plastics manufacture, and the industrial and agricultural industries. Working around dangerous chemicals would naturally increase the probability of a workplace injury.

A worker died at this facility in 2008 when a chemical explosion took place. Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s investigators determined that the steel door of an industrial oven was blown off when the chemicals inside ignited, causing an explosion. An employee in an exterior walkway was struck by debris when a second explosion occurred. The worker died from severe burn and internal injuries.

With regard to this fatal workplace accident, the company was cited for no less than 12 violations of safety regulations. In 2012, the company was penalized again after OSHA received reports of hazardous workplace conditions. Only recently, fire fighters were called to the same company when a fire broke out after lithium salts ignited for reasons yet to be determined. Two workers who were injured in that incident were rushed to a hospital with injuries of unknown severity.

Colorado workers who have to cope with the consequences of a workplace accident may, fortunately, call on the workers’ compensation insurance system to provide financial relief. Benefits typically cover all medical expenses brought about by the workplace injury. The time needed to recover depends on the severity of any injuries suffered, but the insurance program provides some level of compensation for lost wages.

Source: thedenverchannel.com, “2 injured in fire at Boulder Scientific Company“, Deb Stanley, Alan Gathright, Oct. 6, 2015

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