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October 2015 Archives

Electric shock claims life of employee at plastics manufacturer

Employers in Colorado, like those in other states, are obliged by law to protect workers from harm by providing environments that are free of known hazards. There are safety regulations pertaining to every industry and activity, and compliance can avoid incidents of workplace accidents. A manufacturer of plastics in another state is under investigation after a worker recently lost his life when he suffered a deadly electric shock.

Crane accidents: Improperly rigged rebar falls and kills worker

Colorado workers typically rely on their employers to provide job sites that are free of known safety hazards. Although that is one of the standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, some construction company owners seem to have little or no regard for worker safety. Crane accidents have already claimed the lives of several workers, one of which occurred in another state in June. OSHA recently completed an investigation into that incident and reported that this fatal accident would not have happened had the construction company complied with federal safety regulations.

Workplace injury at chemical plant after several prior citations

Looking at the history related to workers' safety at a chemical company in Colorado leaves the impression that the owners have little or no concern for the safety of the employees. The company reportedly develops chemicals that are used in the medical field, plastics manufacture, and the industrial and agricultural industries. Working around dangerous chemicals would naturally increase the probability of a workplace injury.

Workplace injury: Chicken farm exposes workers to amputations

Millions of people nationwide enjoy KFC every day, including some in Colorado. Consumers may be interested in the working conditions at the company's major chicken supplier in another state. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspected the facilities at the chicken processing plant, and a spokesperson reported that this is one of the most dangerous workplace environments he has seen. The farm and a company contracted to clean the facility were cited for safety violations that could lead to cases of serious workplace injury.