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August 2015 Archives

Unsafe forklift practices can lead to serious workplace injury

Forklifts are used in many different industries in Colorado, and they are often involved in workplace accidents. Although there are some basic safety regulations related to the operation of forklifts, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration prescribes strict industry-related regulations that must be observed. Company owners must ensure that all workers are informed of the workplace injury hazards they are exposed to on and around forklifts.

Collapsed scaffolding at hospital construction kills 1, injures 7

Statistics shows that scaffold collapses cause a significant number of the annual workplace fatalities and injuries nationwide. Construction companies in Colorado and elsewhere have to comply with the safety regulations prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration when erecting these structures to prevent collapsed scaffolding. Unfortunately, some contractors and subcontractors fail to adhere to regulations, often with devastating consequences.

Unguarded machine causes fatal workplace injury to worker

Safeguarding machines to protect workers from moving parts and electric shocks forms an important part of creating a safe workplace environment. Employers nationwide, including in Colorado, must comply with all safety regulations that are prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is also essential for employees to be trained in the proper methods to use safety equipment to avoid workplace injury.

Unsecured trench collapses to cause fatal workplace injury

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration assert that families should not have to face the consequences of employers violating safety violations and causing the deaths of loved ones. The agency is investigating yet another case of a fatal workplace injury that was caused by a collapsing trench. It says that trench collapses are mostly preventable, and an average of two fatalities occur every month in unfortified trenches across the nation, including in Colorado.

Workers' rights: Is a recommended light duty program optional?

Most Colorado workers know that they are covered by the workers' compensation insurance fund, but they may be unfamiliar with the intricacies of the coverage. Workplace injuries that cause workers to lose money due to their inability to work while recuperating are typically of high concern. It is not uncommon for a treating physician to declare that a worker is fit to perform light duty tasks, and work restrictions will be specified. The experienced attorneys at Weddell & Haller can help injured employees with understanding their workers' rights.