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June 2015 Archives

Concern over workplace injury numbers for temporary workers

Temporary workers in Colorado have the same rights as permanent workers when it comes to being provided with safe workplace environments. However, recent research indicates that temporary workers nationwide are more exposed to workplace injury than full-time workers. In collaboration with other authorities, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and the National Occupational Research Agenda conducted research into the frequency of on-the-job injuries and the claims filed by temporary workers.

Third-party liability claims may follow construction injuries

Road workers in construction zones nationwide are exposed to numerous safety hazards every day, and Colorado is no different. Not only are they threatened by the dangerous conditions and equipment present in the work zone but also the actions of irresponsible motorists who fail to take due care when entering construction zones. The Associated General Contractors of America recently conducted a survey that revealed shocking statistics of construction injuries and deaths that resulted from auto accidents in construction zones.

Workplace injury caused by hydrocarbon exposure is often fatal

After yet another death of a worker in the oil industry, the Centers for Disease Control expressed its concern about the number of fatalities caused by hydrocarbon inhalation. The March 2014 death of a 51-year-old Colorado man was initially determined to have been caused by heart disease rather than a workplace injury. However, the CDC subsequently revealed that an investigation showed that his death was likely the result of exposure to toxic fumes.

Fracking company cited for on-the-job injury, death in 2014 blast

Following up on our Nov. 19, 2014 post about a fracking site blast ("1 killed, 2 injured at work in Colorado fracking accident," OSHA's investigation is complete. The company was issued with a $7,000 fine. The deadly accident occurred in last November when workers attempted to heat a frozen pipe that had formed an ice blockage. A 36-year-old worker lost his life, and two others -- ages 48 and 28 -- each suffered an on-the-job injury.