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January 2015 Archives

Colorado welder dies after workplace injury in explosion

While all industries present safety hazards, some dangers are unique to particular occupations. One such occupation is welding and requires strict safety measures to avoid a workplace injury. Extreme temperatures are reached during welding, and an added danger is caused by the spatter and sparks created. While the sparks may cause severe injuries to an unprotected worker, an additional danger is posed by the distance that flying sparks could travel. A Colorado welder recently lost his life, and another worker was injured, while welding at a business near Erie.

Denied claims for workers' compensation payback may be challenged

Colorado workers who have suffered workplace injuries may suffer anxiety due to financial challenges following the accident. In addition to mounting medical bills, the lack of income during the recuperation area may be distressing. In the event of denied claims, injured workers may challenge the decision of the insurer, but this will likely need the assistance of an experienced workers' compensation attorney.

Colorado company cited by OSHA for fatal construction accident

A general contractor from Colorado and a subcontractor from another state received multiple fines following a bridge collapse that caused a fatality in May last year. The construction accident took place in another state where a construction crew was preparing to remove a railway crossing. This formed part of a project that involved the upgrade of a highway and construction of an interchange.