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Man loses life after being injured at the workplace by loader

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2014 | Firm News, Workplace Accidents

Working in an industrial environment in Colorado can leave employees vulnerable to being injured at the workplace if specific safety protocols are not followed. The use of machinery, tractors and forklifts can require specific visibility and sound alarms to make others aware of movement and operation. One industrial worker recently lost his life when he was injured at the workplace when another co-worker failed to notice him.  

The incident occurred when the victim noticed needed maintenance while working and had bent down to begin clearing a drain. While he was attending to the drain, a front-end loading tractor began to back up. The young man was either not aware of the machine or did not have enough time to move and was struck by the loader, suffering fatal consequences.

Reports did not outline how the front-end loader hit the victim or the extent of the injuries that were inflicted. Officials believe that the driver of the loader was not aware of the young man bent over the drain. Authorities and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have started an investigation into the accidental work fatality in an attempt to understand what may have contributed to the cause of the tragic accident.

Some industrial vehicles and front-end loading vehicles — in Colorado and elsewhere — have mirrors and sound sensors that are used when backing up. Reports do not indicate if this afternoon accident was void of safety features. The family of the deceased employee may question how they will afford funeral expenses and the loss of potentially necessary income due to the man being fatally injured at the workplace. They may choose to seek assistance regarding collecting death benefits and workers’ compensation to alleviate financial burdens after the difficult loss of their loved one.

Source: CBS Boston, “Man Dead In Peabody Industrial Accident“, Nov. 28, 2014

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