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September 2014 Archives

Colorado resort accused after fatal physical injury

Working in an environment with life-threatening danger can often require proper training and a defined plan in case of an emergency. The Colorado Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently made the decision to cite a Colorado ski resort $14,000 for its involvement in a potentially preventable accident that resulted in an employee's death. The patroller lost his life outside of the ski resort when a routine avalanche training accident resulted and apparently caused his fatal physical injury.

Risk of being injured on the job in Colorado

Information published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently revealed that certain professions may place workers at a greater risk of being injured on the job. Work that requires the use of machinery or exists within an unpredictable environment in Colorado may place a person in a more dangerous situation than other positions permit. An employer may be required to provide proper safety equipment and training to help prevent workers being injured on the job.

Safety rules needed on dust explosions and workplace injury

The Chemical Safety Board evaluates other agencies' safety regulations regarding chemical hazards and makes recommendations for change. The chairman of that board has initiated a stepped-up effort to influence federal regulators to establish a nationwide set of standards to protect workers nationwide, including in Colorado, from combustible dust hazards. From 2008 to 2012, the board reports that there were 29 deaths and 161 incidents of workplace injury from combustible dust accidents.

How do I file a construction accident claim in Colorado?

Colorado employees who work in certain industries may be fully aware that their jobs are riskier than others. Those who work in construction may feel this way, as their work exposes them to potential harm more so than in other jobs. However, this does not mean that they are not entitled to file for workers' compensation when it is warranted. Those who have questions about filing for workers' compensation after a construction accident may find answers to several of their questions right here.