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Man suffers workplace injury to left leg

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2014 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries

When machinery in the workplace malfunctions or isn’t handled properly, the consequences can be painful and even devastating. An employee in Colorado can temporarily or permanently lose his or her ability to work due to a work accident that results in serious injuries. One construction worker recently experienced a harm following a jobsite accident in another state.

The accident occurred in the afternoon at a construction site. The building where the incident occurred formerly housed a bank. One front-loader ended up flipping over, causing the driver to suffer injuries. The man who was injured is 32 years old.

According to authorities, the equipment flipped into the shaft of an elevator. It then came to a rest upside-down, and the worker became pinned. Emergency rescue crews tried to stabilize the machinery. They then slowly lifted the machine off of the man’s leg, using specialized air bags. He was transported to the hospital via helicopter, having suffered a serious injury to the lower part of his left leg.

With a leg injury, the worker may not be able to return to the construction site for an extended period of time. Although the workplace injury may cause discomfort and be difficult to cope with, not being able to work and earn a paycheck for a while may cause the man even more distress. Most employers in Colorado have to provide workers’ compensation insurance so that employees who find themselves in this scenario can obtain benefits that help them to stay on top of their bills and get necessary medical treatments. Workers have the right to seek the maximum amount of benefits applicable to their unique circumstances.

Source: myfoxtampabay.com, “Worker injured after being pinned by loader”, , June 13, 2014

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