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June 2014 Archives

GHS designed to reduce work injury from hazardous chemicals

Both in Colorado and around the country, the use of hazardous chemicals in the workplace has become an unavoidable commonplace. OSHA says that some 43 million workers nationwide handle hazardous chemicals in their work duties across a wide range of work venues. The federal agency also publishes a hazard communication standard for reading labels and data safety sheets. One important goal is to train workers so that the risk of a work accident from hazardous chemicals will be substantially reduced.

Man killed in workplace injury, OSHA cites five companies

The problem with the safety and reported abuse of temporary workers continues in the national workforce, including in Colorado. Recently, OSHA cited five companies in connection with the death of a temporary worker at an Amazon fulfillment center. The man died from crush injuries after being caught and mangled in a conveyor system. Although temporary workers are covered for workers' compensation, studies show that they suffer a significantly higher incidence of workplace injury than permanent employees.

Man suffers workplace injury to left leg

When machinery in the workplace malfunctions or isn't handled properly, the consequences can be painful and even devastating. An employee in Colorado can temporarily or permanently lose his or her ability to work due to a work accident that results in serious injuries. One construction worker recently experienced a harm following a jobsite accident in another state.

Bundled coverage for work injury and health care may be coming

It's helpful to keep current with changes in the methods of delivering workers' compensation insurance and general healthcare that are emerging in Colorado and other states. Many experts predict that changes are on the horizon. Mainly, coverage for work injury is predicted to be blended into general health care plans in coming years.

Night manager chased robbers: entitled to workers' compensation

An issue that comes up often in workers’ compensation cases in Colorado and elsewhere is whether the worker was engaged in employment at the time of the injury. The issue arose in another state when a convenience store manager chased a robbery suspect out of the store, drew a pistol and jumped on the robber’s car as it sped away. The man ended up being thrown from the car, and the traumatic brain injury kept him in a coma for five months until he died. The estate was denied workers’ compensation benefits because it was held that he had stepped out of his job by using a gun and chasing the suspect.