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May 2014 Archives

National Safety Month focuses on preventing workplace injury It i

It is increasingly clear that a safe workplace benefits both workers and employers. In Colorado and elsewhere, safety protects workers, keeps them on the job and prevents the incidence of serious workplace injury. For employers, the costs of administering a workers' compensation claim add to the employer's expenses substantially. It's not just medical bills and lost wages -- when a worker is hurt, an employer can sustain other expenses such as repairing or replacing defective or damaged equipment, retaining temp workers, transferring workers from one department to another, and even missing deadlines with customers for the promised delivery of products.

OSHA claims workers' rights violated by AT&T policy

Retaliation against an employee who reports workplace injuries is a violation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act with respect to its whistleblower provisions. In most states, including Colorado, it is also a violation of workers’ rights under state laws for the employer to terminate or discipline an employee for reporting a workplace injury. This is a an important rule whose violation can challenge the very heart of the workers’ compensation statutory framework of benefits.

Workplace injury numbers prove the need for safety protections

Some disturbing statistics were released recently by a national labor organization. The AFL-CIO labor federation issued a report concluding that more than 4,600 workers in the United States were killed on the job in 2012. Perhaps even more chilling is the statistic that about 50,000 died from occupational diseases in the same year. The annual report was based on federal Bureau of Labor Statistics data regarding the incidence of workplace injury and occupational injuries nationwide, including in Colorado.

9 hurt circus performers may seek workers' compensation benefits

It seems unusual to talk about injured circus performers in terms of work injury benefits, but they have the same system of employment compensation for work injuries as anyone else. That's because each state, including Colorado, has a workers' compensation statutory framework of laws that requires such coverage for every employee. It's small comfort to the eight circus performers who were seriously injured after falling to the ground when the rigging holding them in the air collapsed.