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April 2014 Archives

Workers' compensation benefits payable to decedent's family

A workplace accident causing death activates a right to workers' compensation death benefits payable to the deceased worker's immediate family members. To determine the specific benefits available, the state statute must be consulted because the specific amounts and conditions may vary from state to state. Despite that variance, the workers' compensation benefits made available in Colorado follow a similar framework as in all of the other states.

Defective equipment led to the death of a construction worker

When the media report the death of a worker, it is not uncommon for Colorado readers to be concerned about the worker's family who was left behind. In addition to grieving the death of their loved one, the family may well face financial difficulties as a result of medical and final expenses, along with the loss of the man's income. A construction worker in another state lost his life in Oct. 2013, apparently due to defective equipment at his workplace.

Crane accidents in Colorado and elsewhere too often deadly

Working on equipment like cranes is inherently dangerous. Knowing that a loved one faces potentially dangerous conditions at work everyday will often cause constant stress for a worker's family. Companies are duty bound to take all possible steps to protect workers and provide a safe working environment. Despite this fact, crane accidents in Colorado are not uncommon, and residents may be interested to learn about the recent death of two crane workers in another state.

Hearing loss caused by work injury may be compensable

A recent study reaffirms that frequent exposure to loud noise at work can result in hearing loss. Furthermore, those who work with hearing loss are at a disadvantage: they are more inclined to become hospitalized because of a work injury. The sampling of 46,550 male workers over a 20-year period makes the results of the study generally applicable to workers in Colorado and nationwide.

Workplace injury needs to be countered by safety resources

It's hard to imagine how much improvement in workplace safety has occurred over the past century of advances in facilities and technologies. As much as the situation has improved in Colorado and other states, however, workers still encounter dangers and suffer workplace injury every day. Sometimes they're the old dangers caused by the employer's failure to enforce known safety measures. Alternatively, it can be new dangers, because with technological changes come new dangers unforeseen.