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March 2014 Archives

Employer's help with workers' compensation a benefit for both

An employee injured at work usually has special needs and concerns that have to be addressed. The employer should be a stand-up force in assisting the employee to restore his life back to normal. If that is done, the relationship between workers and managers is strengthened and the company as a whole benefits. With an effective return-to-work policy, work injury claims in Colorado and elsewhere can be better managed while morale is simultaneously strengthened.

Flash fire hurts two in workplace injury at resin plant

A flash fire is a sudden, intense fire caused by ignition of a mixture of air and a dispersed flammable substance such as combustible dust, vapor cloud, gas leak or an aerosol or other combustible liquid. It is characterized by high temperature, short duration, and a rapidly moving flame front, sometimes in connection with an explosion. In Colorado and other states, flash fires are known to be sudden and overpowering, often resulting in serious workplace injury.

Sleep disturbances increase the risk of workplace injury

With spring coming just around the corner, most people are enthusiastically looking forward to the extra sunshine delivered by daylight savings time. Nonetheless, most people in Colorado and other areas tend to adjust poorly to the change, which is marked by the loss of an hour's sleep. It's estimated that there is a significant increase in the incidence of workplace injury for at least a week after the change.

1 dead, 7 suffer workplace injury when train hits film crew

There is one group of workers who labor industriously in the making of movies and documentaries. They are the grips and camera assistants who work hard and long behind the camera to produce and capture the fruits of the actors' efforts. They get no glory but are nonetheless essential to making a quality product. In Colorado or elsewhere, when one of them sustains a workplace injury, it brings to light the fact that they are protected by the workers' compensation laws.