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New study may reduce Colorado nurses’ occupational injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2014 | Firm News, Workplace Accidents

In the medical field, work related injuries are not a new subject. Like in many states, Colorado Nurses and other medical technicians work long hours on their feet and on the go. Hospitals and clinics keep employees moving in a fast-paced and at times a chaotic environment which is often the catalyst for occupational accidents.

During a survey conducted by Nurture magazine, 303 nurses were asked questions regarding workplace injuries. Through the study, it was discovered that 35 percent of nurses admitted to being injured at least once while at work. Moreover, 50 percent of those nurses claimed the injury was the result of heavy lifting that occurred during the transfer of a patient. Patient transfers are a common aspect of medical related occupations, and most of these nurses were in situations to administer or assist in moving patients at least once a week.

The study also showed that 50 percent of the nurses felt that they were not being mistreated at work and that they had proper support and training. They did, however, suggest that the working space was not always conducive to the physical movement that patient transfers require. Crowded spaces and outdated equipment often prevented the nurses from having the adequate range of motion or physical support in order to perform tasks effectively and properly.

Anticipating that, arranging furniture in a practical sense may not only help make rooms more accessible, but also to ensure a better workspace for nurses and patients. The nurses and medical staff would be able to work in a safe and proficient environment, reducing the number occupational injuries. When medical personnel are injured, it often hinders regular work activities and costs employees time on the job. The results of this study have brought many aspects of the work environment to the attention of medical professionals nationwide and may help Colorado’s medical occupations reduce the number of work related injuries. In those circumstances where there is an injury on the job, workers’ compensation benefits for lost wages and medical bills typically help to get the nurse and family members back on their feet.

Source: Healthcare Design, Designing To Reduce Workplace Injuries, Anne DiNardo, Feb. 5, 2014

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