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February 2014 Archives

Resources exist to reduce workplace injury for small business

Workplace safety for employees was expressed to be a top concern of small businesses, according to a survey reported by a small business insurance specialist recently. Small businesses generally understand that providing workers with a safe and healthy workplace is critical to the wellbeing of its employees and the financial success of the business. More than that, it's also the law in Colorado and elsewhere to implement safety provisions designed to reduce the incidences of workplace injury.

Hazardous equipment leads to death of Colorado worker

Colorado companies, as those in other states, have a responsibility to ensure a reasonably safe environment for their workers. A fatality occurred recently at a dealership that supplies construction companies with equipment such as excavators, front-end loaders and graders. They also provide maintenance services of the equipment. The person servicing such hazardous materials is constantly risking his or her life, due to the size and weight of these machines.

Colorado man dies in construction accident

We've all seen it in the movies - the romantic scene on the fire escape, looking out over the city scape. Such was not the case for a Colorado man recently when he was instructed to use the fire escape to access a building's roof for a routine inspection. When he was partway up the fire escape, a cable snapped, causing him to plunge 20 feet down to the alley below. This horrific construction accident claimed the life of the well-liked father of five.

New study may reduce Colorado nurses' occupational injuries

In the medical field, work related injuries are not a new subject. Like in many states, Colorado Nurses and other medical technicians work long hours on their feet and on the go. Hospitals and clinics keep employees moving in a fast-paced and at times a chaotic environment which is often the catalyst for occupational accidents.