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December 2013 Archives

Workers?? compensation system is based on payment without fault

The workers' compensation system of payment without regard to fault is supposed to promote a safer workplace and to expedite the payment of injury claims. The belief in Colorado and elsewhere is that the private workers' compensation insurance carriers will impose safety factors on companies with inordinate workplace injuries. Furthermore, as the risk goes up to the insurer, the premium likewise rises, which should cause safety reforms.

Construction trades need vigilance to prevent crane accidents

Leave it to city authorities in one of the country's major metropolitan centers to lessen the security and safety controls over cranes just as the measures should probably be tightened. Hopefully, controls against crane accidents in Colorado will not go down that same road. The city council in that eastern city decided to allow contractors to replace a crane "master rigger" with an individual that has only 32 hours of course instructions.

Temporary workers are denied workers' compensation in some cases

There appears to be a substantial problem with safety in the temporary worker segment of the labor market. Companies in Colorado and other states have been hiring temp workers for a long time. The trend escalated significantly since 2008 when economic realities made the use of temporary help even more profitable. For example, the company where the worker is placed doesn't even have to pay the workers' compensation premiums because the temp agency remains the employer under most arrangements between these companies.

Death case requires workers' compensation death benefits

When a worker dies in a work-related accident, workers' compensation death benefits are payable to the surviving dependents of the deceased worker. In Colorado and other states this generally includes a surviving spouse, minor children, and parents. The survivors will receive workers' compensation payments based on a prescribed percentage of the deceased worker's average weekly wage prior to the workplace injury and death.

Workplace injury involving head trauma can be devastating

In the workplace, concussions are a serious problem that can impact on a worker's ability to function at full capacity. In industries involving physical labor in one form or another, head trauma can be a significant component of workplace injury. It can occur also in white collar industries. A simple slip accident at any workplace setting in Colorado or elsewhere can result in head trauma and concussion. Work-related vehicular accidents are also a ripe source of closed head trauma injuries.