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November 2013 Archives

Nurses suffer high incidence of workplace injury

Certain jobs are more dangerous than others, and it's well-known that certain industries are known for higher numbers of worker injuries. Particularly hazardous workplace accident statistics are found in such sectors as agriculture, construction trades and jobs that involve driving. Some people would find it surprising to know that a disproportionately high rate of workplace injuries occurs in the healthcare field, particularly for nurses and clinicians. This phenomenon is found in Colorado and nationwide.

OSHA may implement new workplace injury reporting rules

There are about 8 million businesses across the country. It's well-known in Colorado and nationwide that OSHA, the federal agency responsible for making and enforcing safety regulations nationally is strapped for resources, under-funded and unable to investigate safety compliance in all of those businesses. With Congress not about to increase funding for worker safety anytime soon, OSHA has come up with a clever and seemingly promising tool to increase safety compliance. It proposes that all large employers and some smaller ones in known hazardous industries file electronic reports with OSHA containing workplace injury details for each quarterly period.

Workers' compensation due after cougar attacks and kills worker

It's a tragic loss when a worker who was an animal lover is killed in a workplace accident by one of the animals that she loved. The setting was not in Colorado but in an animal rescue compound in another state where wild cats were housed. She was cleaning an enclosed space used by two cougars when one of the animals got out of its cage and attacked and killed her, according to police. The deceased woman has a surviving husband and a baby only five months old. Fortunately, her family is entitled to collect workers' compensation death benefits for a workplace accident resulting in death.

Colorado program lowers workers' compensation claims for police

Colorado employees, no matter where they happen to work, are at risk of suffering some kind of injury on the job. However, just like in our daily lives outside of work, the more physically fit one happens to be, the less likely he or she is to fall victim to a random injury. AT&T of Colorado seems to be aware of this fact and it has recently given $10,000 in grant money to help fund a Colorado law enforcement training foundation, which is striving to improve the physical fitness of police officers throughout the state. Since the foundation began, participating police officers have had fewer injuries and made less workers' compensation claims.

Updated guidelines for occupational disease exposure

The United States Public Health Service recently released updated guidelines for occupational illnesses, such as exposure to HIV and PEP among those working in the medical field. When a Colorado health care worker encounters occupational disease their life can be changed forever and their health permanently compromised. Some victims may choose to have professional assistance while navigating their benefit and treatment options to help ensure rightful care and compensation.