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October 2013 Archives

Crane collapse kills worker in construction accident

Current reports continue to unveil the dangerous working conditions that exist in the construction industry. With the highest number of accidents and risk factors, working on a construction site can require intensified safety precautions and alertness. When safety fails and a Colorado construction accident takes place, the victim may seek legal action to collect rightful compensation benefits. A family now faces the difficult reality of this kind of situation when a crane collapse killed a worker in a construction accident.

Scholarships for kids of those with a permanent disability

When a person experiences permanent disability from a work injury they may feel concern and worry over what the future may hold for them and their family. They may have many questions about how to maintain financial security and how they will continue to provide for their loved ones. A Colorado foundation has now made scholarships available to kids of those with a permanent disability from work related injuries for teens that qualify.

Occupational disease may result from asbestos exposure

Mesothelioma is a tragic illness that can affect those exposed to asbestos. The toxic compound is often found in materials that workers have to handle, tear down or clean up, ending up on clothes, skin or through inhalation. If workers are not adequately protected with safety gear when working with asbestos, then occupational problems may be experienced and possible legal action may be enacted.

Federal shutdown may increase workplace injury in Colorado

The federal government shutdown is affecting some individuals more than others. For example, one function that the federal government carries out through the Labor Department will halt for the time being - workplace safety investigations. Workplace safety is important for people living in Colorado and elsewhere and these federal investigations play a vital role in the prevention to workplace injury. It is hoped that the federal government reopens soon in order to continue with its vital work in this regard.