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Work injury results in man’s death in crane accident

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2013 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation

Factory jobs come with many hazards. Colorado employees who perform such labor are familiar with the danger of suffering an injury during work. For one such worker who was involved in an accident in another state, his injury has led to his death.

The accident took place at a heavy equipment manufacturing operation. The worker was reported to have been located next to a piece of equipment that was not being used. When a co-worker was in the process of moving another similar piece of equipment, it is alleged to have taken a turn too tightly. The victim was wedged between the two large cranes.

Emergency workers were called to the accident scene, but the victim died before aid could be rendered. At the time of the report, no personal information concerning the victim’s age or length of employment at the plant was available. Currently, the officials of the plant and the state’s workplace safety department are seeking to determine what may have led to this accident and subsequent tragic death.

Workplace accidents such as these are tragic events. The family that has been left behind will possibly qualify for workers’ compensation death benefits which may provide compensation for funeral and burial expenses. Colorado workers and their families also have a form of this program in place. If an employee has suffered a workplace accident that has led to a work injury or illness, then they are entitled to compensation under this program. There is information available that may provide assistance if any questions or problems are encountered when a worker is trying to file a claim.

Source: herald-mail.com, Police identify man killed in industrial accident at Manitowoc Crane Group, Roxann Miller, Aug. 30, 2013

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