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Colorado agencies working to help others avoid workplace injury

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2013 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries

Recently, representatives from Colorado’s division of OSHA went to a neighboring state to conduct safety inspections. The action was a joint venture among neighboring states to help reduce the number of employment injury claims in certain industries. While the inspection was focused on just one state for now, there is a nationwide effort scheduled later in the year.

The biggest number of accidents has taken place in the fuel generating industry. The problem is being blamed on the fact that there has been a leap in job growth in the field due to new reserves that are being explored. This area has accounted for approximately eighty percent of work-related accidents and fatalities. Some of the most common types of incidences involve machinery accidents.

The recent project involved having agents from other states conduct inspections of active work sites in order to ensure that proper safety mandates were in place and being followed. The number of work related injuries in the state that had called for help with inspections has started to drop. Officials believe that some of the reasons are directly related to the efforts that have gone into more aggressive safety instructions.

In spite of the increased awareness of the need for safety inspections, many workers in Colorado and elsewhere will still face the possibility of potential workplace injury. The nature of some industries such as fuel mining and production jobs are inherently more dangerous. Workers do have a process that allows them to report potentially dangerous work conditions before an accident happens. Employees who suffer a work-related injury or illness do have recourse to the workers’ compensation insurance program in their state. This program is in place to help provide monetary assistance to injured workers for medical expenses and lost wages.

Source: bismarcktribune.com, Agencies work to reduce accidents, Jessica Holdman, Sept. 8, 2013

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