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September 2013 Archives

3 suffer construction injuries at church work site

While construction work is a dangerous occupation, there are relatively few accidents reported in light of the vast number of projects that are constantly being carried out around the country. However, construction work injuries do occur, and they can be serious in nature. Workers do have an insurance program in place that is intended to provide monetary aid when one suffers a work-related accident or illness. This program is available in some form in every state, including Colorado.

Colorado agencies working to help others avoid workplace injury

Recently, representatives from Colorado's division of OSHA went to a neighboring state to conduct safety inspections. The action was a joint venture among neighboring states to help reduce the number of employment injury claims in certain industries. While the inspection was focused on just one state for now, there is a nationwide effort scheduled later in the year.

Work injury too often the responsibility of the worker

According to many studies, over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain issues, issues that cost taxpayers in the realm of $635 billion between lost productivity in the workplace and medical treatment. The lost productivity can be placed squarely at the feet of a system that places the responsibility of work injury not on the employer, but on the employee to mitigate. While worker's compensation is ideally supposed to deal with these issues both here in Colorado and elsewhere, quite often the function gets bogged down in the process.

Work injury results in man's death in crane accident

Factory jobs come with many hazards. Colorado employees who perform such labor are familiar with the danger of suffering an injury during work. For one such worker who was involved in an accident in another state, his injury has led to his death.