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Colorado man suffers work injury at school

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2013 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation

Many students and teachers may feel that at times being in school can be a pain. For one contractor, school really was a pain, as he has suffered harm while working. The man was carrying out contracting work at a high school in Colorado when the accident occurred. He was transported to a local hospital with a possible spine injury.

The incident happened while the man was working in a confined space somewhere inside the building. It is reported that a hard conduit about a foot and a half in diameter landed on him. He was able to make his situation known and that he needed assistance. A local rescue company was called to help.

Because the worker was said to be in a tightly enclosed space, the rescuers had to cut through the roof of the school. The man was then raised up through another conduit that was two inches more in diameter than that one that had fallen on him. It is thought that he may have suffered a back injury of some kind as he was taken by ambulance strapped on to a stabilizing stretcher.

This man may have sustained a serious back injury that could impact his ability to work in the future. He may have weeks or months of recovery time and therapy after having endured this work injury. In the meantime, he will most likely file a workers’ compensation claim in order to receive monetary help with medical bills and possible lost wages while he tries to regain his health. All states, including Colorado, have some form of this insurance program that is in place to ensure that employees who suffer work-related injuries and illnesses are taken care of financially.

Source: kktv.com, “Man Pulled Through 20-Inch Pipe To Safety,” Aug. 1, 2013

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