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9 injured on the job after lightning strikes in Colorado

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2013 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation

Workers in almost every job have many hazards that they are generally prepared to handle safely. One of the last things that most employees want to deal with is being injured at work. However, in Colorado recently, a supposed lightning strike has hit nine workers on a farm. A federal agency is now reportedly begun an investigation.

Farm work can be a dangerous occupation because of the nature of the equipment that is often involved. Most farm hands are aware of the many hazards that can cause injury or possible death. However, the nine employees that were hit by lightning may not have had any opportunity to protect themselves in that situation.

Two of the workers have been reported to have been seriously injured. The nature of their injuries has not been released. The other seven were less critically wounded. OSHA is now reported to be checking into what safety measures may have been in place on this farm for this type of event. They have reportedly stated that OSHA does not have any particular guidelines that are specific to a lightning strike.

These workers that have been injured on the job may have a lengthy recovery in front of them, especially the ones who are reported to have been hurt critically. Every state has some type of Workers’ Compensation insurance program in place. These affected farm workers may be eligible for benefits from the program that Colorado has available for workplace accidents and injuries. This insurance is there for help with medical expenses and lost wages while an employee if out of work due to illness or injury related to his or her job. Information is available for those who may need help in obtaining these benefits.

Source: newsobserver.com, “OSHA investigates after lightning hits 9 at farm,” July 23, 2013

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