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Work injury takes on many forms in Colorado

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2013 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation

With every profession comes a certain number of inherent risks. Some professions involved putting one life at risk on a daily basis. Public servants, like police officers and firefighters most definitely fit this demographic. Recently, a Colorado Sheriff’s deputy came into harm’s when he sustained an injury at work in an auto accident.

For most people, an auto accident would not be considered a work related accident. However, for police officers, truck drivers and other professionals who spend much of their time behind the wheel of a car, traveling to and from a given location is considered “work.” The 33-year-old deputy is currently recovering after suffering severe injuries in a crash involving a tractor-trailer.

Purportedly, the deputy was southbound on Highway 150 in an unmarked sheriff’s vehicle when the collision occurred. The deputy was apparently attempting to pass the truck when the truck driver made an unexpected turn into a gravel pit. He was quickly transported to a Denver, Colorado hospital for evaluation and treatment.

Because the police officer was injured while on the job, he may be eligible for workers’ compensation offered through his employment. For employees in Colorado, workers’ compensation can go a long ways toward recouping losses associated with a work injury. Unfortunately, filing a claim can be complicated and some people have difficulty obtaining the recompense they rightly deserve. In many cases, employees are best served by seeking the aid of qualified legal counsel when navigating the difficulties and red tape associated with workers’ compensation claims.

Source: koaa.com, “Southern Colorado deputy seriously hurt in crash,” June 30, 2013

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