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July 2013 Archives

Teacher denied claims for injury; fired for protesting

Teachers are entrusted with the great task of educating and forming the minds of our nation's young people. This important work often carries with it the respect of parents and fellow educators. However, one teacher who is claiming a fall at work led to her being denied benefits for workers' compensation possibly does not feel respected by her former employers. After she was denied her claim, she alleges she was wrongfully terminated for fighting that decision. While this teacher lives and worked in another state, workers in Colorado may benefit from following this case.

Employer's policy violated workers' compensation rights

Whenever a new employee starts his or her job, they often have many things to learn and usually a set amount of time to do so. If a company's new hire policy violates any laws, such as occupational injury regulations, however, an employee can stand up for his rights. One such case was recently decided in a court. This ruling could potentially impact employees everywhere, including those in Colorado.

Colorado shootout leaves 1 worker injured on the job

Colorado is known for many wonderful features and for its wild west history. Apparently though the history of cowboys and good guys being injured on the job continues to this day. While the injured worker was not a actually a cowboy the alleged shooter could be considered a bad guy since the shooting did reportedly occur at a halfway house for convicted criminals.

Work injury takes on many forms in Colorado

With every profession comes a certain number of inherent risks. Some professions involved putting one life at risk on a daily basis. Public servants, like police officers and firefighters most definitely fit this demographic. Recently, a Colorado Sheriff's deputy came into harm's when he sustained an injury at work in an auto accident.