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Colorado workers injured on the job may qualify for compensation

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2013 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation

There are some people who are loved by everyone. Considered loyal, dependable, and fun to be around, they are the type of person one ever forgets meeting. While unexpected deaths are always tragic and shocking, it is perhaps more shocking when such a beloved person is killed. A great loss is felt today after such a man was killed in a workplace accident; an additional seven other people were harmed while working. The injured employees and the family of the deceased man, similar to Colorado workers, likely qualify for workers’ compensation.

In an incident that occurred in mid-June at CF Industries, nitrogen was being removed from a tank trunk. A vessel with too much pressure caused an explosion that did not produce a fire. There was only one fatality.

The man leaves behind three daughters and his wife. In addition to the fatality, seven people other people were treated at local hospitals. One of the patients remains in the hospital, but is reported to be in stable condition.


In addition to the emotional trauma inflicted on the family of the man as a result of his unexpected death, the family now likely faces an uncertain financial future. In addition to funeral expenses, the family will have to cope with the loss of the man’s income. Those employees who were injured on the job will also face medical bills and possibly missed wages if they need time as they recover from their injuries. All states, including Colorado, require employers to provide workers’ compensation coverage for injured employees and dependents of those killed in workplace accidents. However, the process of obtaining the compensation can sometimes be complicated and lengthy.


Source: The Advocate, “Plant worker known for hard work, loyalty,” Ben Wallace, June 15, 2013

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