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3 workers are injured on the job in a plant fire

On Behalf of | May 29, 2013 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries

Colorado workers know firsthand how critical a time it is when accidents occur in the workplace. Being injured while working as a result can very well have negative effects on finances. Depending on the severity of the injury, a victim may find himself out of work and without wages. Possibly, three workers at a power station in another state may find themselves in such a predicament after being injured in a fire that occurred on site.

The three plant workers were injured on the job in a fire. They were treated for burn injuries that they sustained due to the blaze. At the time of the injuries, the workers were trying to contain the fire. Similar incidents can just as easily occur in Colorado and can leave employees suffering physically and emotionally.

This was the second fire to occur within the plant. The causes are not yet known. The company has brought in a team to aid in the investigation of the two fires occurring. No fatalities were stated to have occurred, and the company is currently working to regain normalcy within the workplace.

Being injured on the job has the same impact whether it occurs in Colorado or elsewhere. If workers are out of work due to their injuries, or suffer medical and related expenses, they may exercise the option to file a workers’ compensation claim through their employer. This can allow the injured worker to receive important benefits designed to compensate them the costs of their recovery, including a lost income package for any time missed while focusing on getting better and returning to work.

Source: Casper Star Tribune, “Second fire at Laramie River Station injures three workers,” May 21, 2013

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