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March 2013 Archives

Workers' compensation bill represents step forward

For employees across the country, the safety net provided by workers' compensation is a vital part of their job security, especially for those working in high-risk environments. Unfortunately, as Colorado workers are keenly aware, not every workers' compensation program works as it is supposed to function. Indeed, many state-level systems charge premiums that are exorbitantly high, meaning companies may provide less coverage to their employees.

Workplace injury can come in Colorado when machinery is used

Colorado readers may be interested to learn about a recent injury to a man that occurred as he worked on his job. The man, who lives in another state, worked for a cast iron plant that had been the subject of safety investigations in the late 1990s and the early 2000s. However, the inury during work does not appear to be related to the past federal investigations.

Colorado woman suffers workplace injury

When a worker in Colorado suffers injury while on the job, it can affect nay aspects of their lives. In fact, suffering a workplace injury can result in the end of some hobbies and life activities. This, in combination with the inability to work due to the workplace injury, can leave some people feeling lost and helpless.

Colorado learns of fatal workplace injury at fabrication facility

Readers in Colorado know that, sometimes, being at work can be dangerous. This is especially true for those who work in industries such as fabrication and construction. Recently, a man died as a result of a fatal workplace injury accident in another state.