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February 2013 Archives

Colorado workplace injury could come from gun violence

The carrying of concealed weapons is an issue that concerns many in Colorado as well as in other states. For employers, the questions can surround employee safety and the laws pertaining to the ability to carry a weapon in our state. Each employer has a duty, as defined by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration to ensure that their workers are in a safe place or they may face liability for injuries at work.

Fatal construction accident demonstrates the dangers of cranes

Crane accidents have been in the headlines lately, and one recent incident demonstrates once again how dangerous they can be at work sites here in Colorado and elsewhere. A man was on a crane in another state when he was involved in a fatal construction accident. Now local officials, as well as the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), are investigating.

Colorado workers too often injured while working

Details currently remain few regarding a recent work-related accident that left one man in the hospital in another state. The man is said to have been on the job when the accident happened. Readers in Colorado may be able to relate to the man who was in his work-related truck when he was injured at work.

Construction accident can happen in Colorado

Many readers in Colorado know that working on a construction site can be a dangerous job. This is clear when one reads about the myriad of construction accident injury cases that people in our state and across the nation suffer each day. In fact, working on a construction site is what led to a serious arm injury for one man recently.