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January 2013 Archives

Colorado learns of workplace injury at fracking site

Many readers in Colorado may be aware that fracking is a process of extracting oil and gas from the ground by using pressurized fluids and sand. One worker has died as a result of a fatal on-the-job acacident and another suffered severe injury. Both men were working at a fracking operation in another state.

Colorado workers' compensation claims can help highway workers

Many people in Colorado are aware that construction jobs can be very dangerous for those who work to build the infrastructure of our society. In fact, a recent report that may be of interest to our readers details many accidents that occurred on construction sites over the past year. Some of these injured workers may have found it necessary to make a claim for workers' compensation benefits due to the severity of their injuries.

Construction accident cases in Colorado can come after deaths

Construction workers in Colorado know that they have a dangerous job, particularly when they work on highway projects. Now this fact has been painfully demonstrated again as two men have lost their lives while working on a highway project. The work injury happened in another state during the early morning hours.

Colorado workers' compensation intended to help injured workers

Readers in Colorado may be interested to learn about a man who was injured while at work in another state. The man suffered an ankle injury that will require surgery to repair. Now, the man will likely seek to have local work injury benefits pay for the cost of his recovery and medical care.

Those injured in Colorado may qualify for workers' compensation

A case that involves injured former football players from the NFL may be of interest to readers in Colorado. The players have recently filed suit in another state regarding their ability to make a claim for workers' compensation in that state. The players argue that they should not be precluded from making such a claim due to contractual terms. The lawsuit listed the Denver Broncos as one of the teams involved.