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November 2012 Archives

Colorado workers at dangerous construction job die in crash

Colorado police are investigating a horrific car accident that took place on a recent fall afternoon near an on-ramp of a busy highway. The crash led to the death of two people who were working on a local highway just prior to the incident. Now, some officials may be considering how the dangerous construction job of working on a busy road can be made safer for workers.

Colorado workers can suffer lost wages after coronary event

Heart disease is a concern for many in our society, in Colorado and elsewhere. In fact, it is the number one cause of death in our nation. When a worker in our state suffers such an illness, the results can be lost wages and time away from work. The workers' compensation insurance program was intended to assist some of those ill workers that became ill on the job.

Colorado study aims to help with workplace injury

A Colorado County has approved efforts to study air emissions for natural gas drilling. This study, once completed, could help to limit the number of those suffering a workplace injury at drilling sites. The study will research 24 different projects that include fracking, drilling and overworking.

Colorado workers' compensation can be vital for survivors

Readers in Colorado may be interested to learn about a workplace accident that occurred recently in another state. There, a worker at a chicken processing plant was killed. Now, his survivors may be able to cover some of the expenses brought about by his loss by making a claim to the workers' compensation program for this accident.

Colorado firefighters may be injured on the job helping others

Being injured at work is a risk that people from many different fields take in Colorado. During the past few months, firefighters in particular have faced many dangerous situations in our state. They, and others who take risks while on the job, may be interested to learn of the efforts being made by some firefighters in another state to return to work after being injured on the job.