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Colorado Rockies baseball player out after physical injury

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2012 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries

Some in Colorado may not consider a baseball field a workplace. The implications may be the same when a professional baseball player sustains an injury. Recently, a Colorado Rockies player, Troy Tulowitzki, suffered a physical injury that resulted in his being removed from the roster for the remainder of the 2012 season. The injury originally occurred in May, and he did not play at the Major League level after May 30.

As a shortstop, Tulowitzki was in the midst of a stellar season with a .287 batting average and 27 RBIs. Unfortunately, he sustained an injury to his groin in May that has left him unable to continue playing. He was slated to return to the season to complete final season-closing games, though he was not able to do so. The reason that he did not return is purportedly due to a setback in his rehabilitation.

Like workers in any industry, athletes are susceptible to an on-the-job injury. While a player’s contract may have provisions for the payment of medical expenses and other costs in these circumstances, there are situations where a workers’ compensation claim may be appropriate. Physical injuries sustained while on the field can often be devastating and require lengthy recovery times. Workers’ compensation exists to ensure that those injured on the job have the means to pay medical bills and related costs, while also providing lost income during the recovery period.

When any Colorado worker suffers a physical injury while on the job, they may benefit by understanding the best course of action to take as they move forward. Workers may choose to investigate their options for filing a workers’ compensation claim, beginning with establishing their eligibility. Whether a retail worker or a famed baseball player, there may be options available to help workers and their families stay financially secure so that their primary focus can be on getting better and returning to work at the first opportunity.

Source: SB Nation Denver, “Troy Tulowitzki injury: Rockies SS won’t play again in majors in 2012,” Kevin Jeffers, Oct. 2, 2012

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