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October 2012 Archives

Colorado workers' compensation for all injured residents

A recent study by a large university in another state found that workers were paid for the injuries received on the job at different rates depending on the race of the individual who was injured. Though the study focused on workers in another state, the findings may also be of interest to many in Colorado. Claims to workers' compensation insurance are made by injured workers in all states across the land.

Colorado workers' compensation benefit can last a lifetime

As many in Colorado are aware, the workers' compensation insurance program is intended to help workers who have been injured on the job. The benefits are intended to pay for the medical costs associated with the injury to the worker and also, in some cases, pay for the damages caused to the individual. Sometimes, workers' compensation benefit payments can involve Medicare Set Asides.

Colorado Rockies baseball player out after physical injury

Some in Colorado may not consider a baseball field a workplace. The implications may be the same when a professional baseball player sustains an injury. Recently, a Colorado Rockies player, Troy Tulowitzki, suffered a physical injury that resulted in his being removed from the roster for the remainder of the 2012 season. The injury originally occurred in May, and he did not play at the Major League level after May 30.

Colorado prison incident leads to workplace injury and death

In law enforcement, police officers working the beat are often the ones that are considered at the highest risk of sustaining injury. However, a recent report in our state has shown that those working on the inside, in positions not commonly thought to be dangerous, can suffer a workplace injury. Two employees at a Colorado prison were working in the kitchen preparing breakfast when an incident occurred with an inmate. The resulting altercation led to injuries to one worker, and death to another.